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Founding Civics Initiative

All JMC K-12 programming falls under the Founding Civics Initiative. Founding Civics brings civics and social studies teachers together with leading professors in rigorous, discussion-based graduate courses and seminars that will help introduce America's founding documents, ideas, and great debates to middle and high school students.
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What is the Founding Civics Initiative?


The Founding Civics Initiative responds to a fundamental problem: our nation's teachers have not had the chance to study America's founding principles in depth. By tapping into our extensive network of partner professors, JMC offers for-credit graduate courses, weeklong summer institutes, and stand-alone seminars for teachers. The programs combine scholar-led discussions on foundational texts and ideas with workshop sessions that apply primary documents and concepts to the classroom.


Why "Founding Civics"?


By centering education in our nation’s founding principles, Founding Civics seeks to balance the dominance of “action civics” in K-12 education, which is often exclusively focused on student engagement in contemporary politics. For JMC, understanding the principles and purposes of our system of government is an essential prerequisite for responsible political participation.

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"The battle for the soul of our country will be won or lost in our classrooms."
—Jack Miller
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